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Help please

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Jul. 3rd, 2008 | 06:38 pm
posted by: mypetconcubine in dmhgficrecs

Someone on AFFN is looking for this fic so I thought I'd post it here for her.

Her search:

Okay, I read the fic awhile back and it was sooooo good....even though it was a very sad ending and I need help finding it. I only remember bits and pieces so bare with me. Draco was some kind of spy/soldier or whatnot on a mission for Voldy and he meets Hermione who was blind. Draco (she didn't know it was him she was hanging with though) falls for her and he hided his relationship with her from Voldy. Things got dangerous and he ended up leaving Hermione who was eventually cured of her blindness. She had a son for Draco from the time she spent with him and raised him with her dad. One day Draco shows up at their house during a snow storm. Hermione's son begins to become fascinated with Draco who he called a soldier or something like that. Hermione's dad ended up having something Draco was searching for (some chip or something....I believe it was a remote????). Well Draco ended up killing her dad after he seen Draco was a wanted man by the ministry who were trying to prevent Voldy from getting the dangerous item. I can't remember the rest but I believe Hermione ended up killing him. If you have any idea of what fanfic I am talking about and where I can find it...I would sooooooooooo appreciate it.

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from: telperaca
date: Jul. 7th, 2008 12:26 pm (UTC)
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This is an exact re-write of a Indian Bollywood movie called "Faana"!
Total copy.
Though sorry I can't help with the search!

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